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Thaitranslated stands apart from its peers due in part to Peter Tuinstra, its founder and President.  As an American who graduated from the Thai Language program at the world–reknown  Defense Language Institute in Monterey California, Peter has lived in Thailand since 2000. Using his language skills, Peter has been a fixture in the Thai entertainment industry performing in numerous television programs for over a decade. 

Once settled in Thailand Peter found that there were pratically no foreigners with a command of the Thai language engaged in providing high quality translation services. Thaitranslated was created to accomodate this need and offer translation services throughout the world.

Western Management with a Personal Touch

Our western management ensures service that you deserve. As anyone who has lived in Thailand can attest, the "maipenrai" (easy going, care-free) attitude to everyday life is a great, stress-free viewpoint towards life... but does not always produce timely and consistent results in work-related matters. Thaitranslated's western maganement helps bridge the gap between your translation needs and Thailand's infamous casual attitude - bringing you guaranteed results with responsive customer service.





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