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Email Translation

With Thaitranslated's email translation service, communication spanning distance and language barriers has never been easier. All email translations are performed by qualified linguists and are highly accurate, no machine translations giving confusing messages! All emails are kept strictly confidential.

Using Thaitranslated's email translation service is easy. Simply type your message as you normally would and send it to us via the email account which we sent you upon your purchase of an email translation package. We will return the translated email for you to forward, or have us forward the translated message to the email you provide us. Simple. We also reverse translate where your pre-registered designee can send emails back to you utilizing the same method.

Price and Payment

A US $50 deposit will earn you 5 emails which can be used by yourself and anyone who you indicate. Increase your value for money and purchase 12 emails for $100. Each email may consist of up to 250 words (as counted in Microsoft Word). Your account will be deducted after each email is sent/received, and you will be notified when you have 1 email remaining. All accounts are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Click on the appropriate package above to remit payment via PayPal, and we will send you the information necessary to begin sending and receiving your emails.


Why Email Translation?

Thaitranslated's personal email tranlsation services offers you the ability to stay connected with others despite great distances and language barriers. We get the meaning YOU INTENDED across. Sending broken english sentences back and forth and dumbing your vocabulary down is not a favorable method of effective communication. Getting the right meaning, to and from, is necessary to communicate effectively and prevent communication breakdowns which are inevitable between people who are not fluent in each other's language. Choose to take advantage of our service and enjoy the freedom of easy communication!



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